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We repair laptops, iPads, tablets and desktop computers.  And… Yes! we repair cell phones, iPhone, Android too.

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DC power screen repair

 .: DC Power Jack Repairs
Do you have to wiggle the plug to make your laptop power up or charge the battery? If so, you may have a problem with the DC power connection on your laptop.

 .: DC Power Supply Replacements 
If you have to wiggle the power plug to make your laptop power up or charge, you may have a defective DC power supply. Bring your laptop by our Dickson, TN store for a free diagnosis and Same Day Service!*

 .: Cracked or Broken Laptop Screens/Monitors
Problems with laptop, tablet and computer monitors does not always mean you have a bad monitor. There are other components (and reasons) that can cause your video screen to perform poorly. Before you throw your computer away, bring your computer by our Dickson, TN store location for a free examination.

.: Is your screen broken, cracked or look like it has ink spots on the screen?
Dropping your laptop can bend or break your screen and cause the liquid crystal to leak which may look like an ink spot. Broken/Cracked screens usually have to be replaced.

.: Does your screen displays vertical and/or horizontal lines?
This may be a defective screen or a bad connection.

.: Do you have a solid black screen?  
A solid black screen can be caused by a defective LCD screen or another laptop component.

.: Does your screen flicker?
Bring your laptop in to our Dickson, TN location for a free diagnosis to determine if it is a defective screen or another hardware issue.

.: Is your screen dim?
The backlight may be broken or damaged, or the inverter may be defective.

Computer & Laptop Repair, 880 Hwy 70W,  Dickson, TN 37055, (615) 375-1011
Located at the entrance to Dickson Country Club  on Highway 70 West.”
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*Same day repairs are dependent upon availability of parts.

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